SOELS’ Initiatives

Kindergarten Partnership and Innovation Projects: promoting kindergarten readiness and parent engagement through support of teacher training, planning of special projects and events, and connections between the child care providers and elementary schools. The overall goal is to align these two worlds to strengthen support the ease and success of children. 

Early Literacy: Providing special services to preschool children in Josephine County to promote exposure to printed material by distributing books helping parents gain skills in working with their children ways to help children prepare for reading 

Home Visiting Network: Promoting high-quality and evidence-based home visiting services by forming a network of programs and providers who collaborate in planning trainings, raising awareness about needs of families and expanding the services to include more visitors

Child Care Quality and Expansion: Promoting the improvement of quality child care programs including Family Home Providers, Child Care Centers, and Preschools, through the use of the Quality Improvement Rating Scale (QRIS) and other programs.