Southern Oregon Early Learning Hub

Change the first five years, and you’ll change everything.


The Early Learning Hubs make resources and supports and more effective for children and      families that have historically been overrepresented in the opportunity gap and underrepresented in services.  Each Hub identifies the underserved children in their region, evaluates the needs of those children and families, and then works to ensure that programs and services reach them and effectively meet their needs.

Hubs are building outcomes-focused collaborations across K-12 schools, early education, health, human services and business.

Southern Oregon has one of the highest school dropout rates in the country. Southern Oregon Early Learning Services Hub is a system-builder committed to changing that. Recognizing the need to begin at birth, the many organizations that make up the Hub are working together to reach 3 common goals.

  1. Children grow up in stable, healthy attached families.
  2. Children enter Kindergarten ready to learn.
  3. We have an aligned, effective and coordinated system for supporting children and their families.